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Stuck (2007)

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Brandi is a hard-partying, overworked, nursing assistant desperate for a promotion at the retirement home where she works. After a night of drug-binging and partying, she accidentally hits a certain Thomas Bardo a deadbeat and recently evicted man who gets stuck in the windshield of her car. Not wanting to call for help since she is driving under the influence, Brandi, chooses not to get Thomas medical help and instead drives home and leaves him clinging to his life in the windshield of her car. While Brandi frantically tries to decide what she is going to do, Thomas, tries to free himself knowing his time is running out.

Thomas Bardo (Stephen Rea) has been down on his luck ever since the company he worked for had closed. He has been without a job, his unemployment had run out, and he seems to be lost in the system as he tries finding a new job. He is forced out of his ghetto apartment by a heartless landlord (Wayne Robson), and he takes the small lot of possessions and heads for a public park bench to spend the night.Brandi Boski (Mena Suvari) is an attractive young female, she is a nurses aide at a retirement home who seems to be very caring for the residents there. At night when work is out, Brandi likes to party and the company she keeps is shady to say the least. She scores some ecstasy at a bar one night, and then makes plans to go back to her house and sleep with her drug dealer.As Brandi is on her way home, she is talking on her cell to her boyfriend/drug dealer Rashid (Russell Hornsby). At the same time, a policeman (Wally MacKinnon) rudely awakes Thomas and tells him to head for the shelter across town because its illegal to be in the park after dusk. As Thomas makes his way across town, Brandi, who isn't paying attention to the road, hits Thomas with her car with great force. Thomas is now literally stuck half way through her front windshield, with his legs hanging out of the window on the hood of the car.Brandi is freaked out and confused about what to do. She tries dropping him off at a hospital, but the idea of getting caught scares her off to hide her car with Thomas stuck in her windshield in her garage. When she learns that he is still alive, she promises to get him help. Since she is still high on drugs and alcohol, she instead goes into her house and makes love to her drug dealer, Rashid. She drags Rashid into this whole fiasco the next day, as she figures he has done this sort of thing before, as far as getting rid of bodies.Rashid finds it hard to do the deed, and instead is betsed by Thomas who had hid a bic pen in his sleeve and revealed it at the right time, right through Rashid's eye. Then he took Rashid's gun and shot him. Brandi comes out of her house and sees Thomas escaping and smashes him in the head with a hammer. She drags him into the garage and decides to spill gasoline all over the car, Thomas and Rashid. Thomas somehow bests her, and she burns alive in her own garage.

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