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A Wednesday (2008)

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A man calls up the Mumbai police, and tells them he has placed five different bombs in the city — all set to go off in some time. He wants four terrorists in exchange. Does he get them? Who is behind it all? What’s his motive? Is there more than meets the eye?

The Mumbai Police Commissioner, Prakash Rathod (Anupam Kher) is going to retire the next day and he recalls the toughest case he had to deal in his career. He gets a call from an anonymous caller (Naseeruddin Shah) on a Wednesday demanding the release of four militants in lieu of information on bombs that the man had planted in various parts of the city. At first, Prakash suspects it to be a prank call but his doubts are dispelled once he actually finds a bomb planted in the police station right opposite his Police Headquarters. He gets a team of his best men together and taps all his resources to track down the man.Meanwhile, he comes across Naina Roy (Deepal Shaw), a wannabe TV news reporter who also has been tipped off by the anonymous caller. Time passes without any concrete results on the identity of the caller. Ultimately, Prakash gives in to the caller's demand and puts two of his best men, Arif (Jimmy Shergill) and Jai (Amir Bashir) to hand over the four militants at the Juhu Aviation Base Strip as demanded by the caller.Arif decides to not hand over one of the militants so as to ensure that all the bomb information can be forced out of the caller. But as soon as they leave the rest of the militants by a bench, they find that the bench is blown up by powerful explosives killing all three militants. The anonymous caller then forces them to kill the fourth (and last) militant and reveals that he (the caller) is a common man who was sick of living in terror and decided to act. They eventually trace him to an abandoned building but everybody in the department is reluctant to catch him as they are pretty moved by the common man's narration about his life and the motive behind all the happenings. But Prakash Rathod goes to the location to find the man coming out of the building. They shake hands and depart. Prakash spares the common man. Prakash Rathod discusses the issue with the Chief Minister of the state and decides to bury the matter and destroy all records of the episode.

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